New York with a dog – Best dog-friendly hotel in New York City

You are planning to travel to the United States with your dog and plan to visit New York City. But you’re wondering if it’s really the right place for a dog to stay?

Well, you should know that New York City is a “dog friendly” city. It has just over 600,000 dogs and has taken into account the love that New Yorkers have for their pets. Indeed, many cani-parks are scattered in all the districts of New York, bars and restaurants accept more and more dogs on terraces, the subway is also accessible to dogs…

But in a big city like New York, is it easy to find a good hotel that admits dogs?

Well, with this article, I will try to help you organize your stay in New York with your dog by giving you some tips on choosing the best hotels in New York that suit your dog’s needs. So, I hope that you will find the rare pearl, the ideal hotel for you and your doggie, and that you will be able to spend a dream stay in the heart of Manhattan!

However, I give you a little advice: Organize yourself a little in advance to book the hotel. Indeed, if you find the hotel well placed, which accepts your dog, available at the dates of your stay and at a correct rate, it is better to book it as soon as possible because there are not so many of them…

What are the criteria for choosing a hotel with a dog in New York City?

Hotels, apartments, palaces and unusual accommodations that accept dogs are more and more numerous in the United States, especially in New York. Faced with this ever-increasing offer, I had to select 2 essential criteria to satisfy the requirements of a doggie.

Because yes, it’s very good that a majority of hotels now welcome dogs, but we must check under what conditions?

Of course, one of the first criteria for choosing a dog friendly hotel in New York City will be to have enough space in the accommodation so that you and your dog are not too cramped.

Then the second criterion will be that there is a small garden, a park, a walk… In short, a small corner of greenery to allow your dog to relieve himself at the bottom of the hotel… This is all the more important as you will also have to take your doggy out for his daily walk. And a green space is always better than asphalt…

These are the 2 criteria I looked for while keeping my priorities:

  • Nice and not dangerous neighborhood (see my article Quartiers New York) ;
  • Good location to visit New York and enjoy the evenings;
  • Comfort (air conditioning, restaurant, wifi…) ;
  • Cleanliness;
  • Reasonable price.

Might as well tell you that the search has been long! But I managed to find 2 good dog-friendly hotels in Manhattan that meet all my criteria.

Here is my selection of the 2 best dog friendly hotels in New York : 1 dog friendly hotel in Manhattan for small budgets and 1 dog friendly luxury hotel in Central Park.

Best dog-friendly hotel in New York City in Central Park.

Here is one of the best pet friendly hotels in New York: JW Marriott Essex House New York

I selected this dog friendly hotel first of all for its very good location. Indeed, when I thought about the best place to stay with a dog in New York, I immediately thought of Central Park. Indeed, this green environment in the heart of Manhattan is simply the perfect place for your pet. You step out of the hotel and you are in front of Central Park in Manhattan’s upscale Midtown district.

While this beautiful 5-star hotel is very well located for your dog, it is also very well located for sightseeing in New York City. The 59th Street Columbus Circle subway station is 3 minutes away and Times Square is only a 15-minute walk away.

This luxury hotel offers an on-site restaurant, bar, spa, concierge service, gym… everything to make your stay fabulous!

The rooms are refined and very spacious which will make it easy for you to accommodate your doggie…

Best cheap hotel accepting dogs in New York at Manhattan. Here is one of the best and cheapest pet friendly hotels in New York: The Shoreham Hotel

Here is a very good plan to stay cheaply in New York in a hotel that accepts dogs and is not far from Central Park.

The location of this hotel is perfect: In the heart of Manhattan, just 2 blocks from Central Park and 4 blocks from Times Square, right next to Central Park subway station. And besides, he’s quiet.

Located on 55th Street, you will only have to walk 7 minutes to reach Central Park and have a nice walk with your dog.