Activities for your dog in New York

The dog runners

Brutus is fat? The good plan in New York City is to use “dog runners“, the dog walkers that allow your dog to stretch his legs: the dog runner doesn’t just walk your dog, he makes him gallop. Ideal for dogs that are a little aggressive, have a tendency to tear up everything they find or are in a little depression; jogging helps your pawed friend to watch his figure and get back into a mood that’s anything but doggy.

Dogs running

If you think your dog needs to run a little more, you can leave him between the feet of Running Paws Athletic Club, the Big Apple Dog Fitness Centre. Established in 2002, this company is the first dog jogging company in the world (there’s a first time for everything). He runs, he runs the pugilist, on one of two tracks – one is for big dogs, the other is for the shortest on leg and for old people. You can also offer a short fitness session and a trainer will run your athlete along the East River.

The dog walkers

Back to a much less tiring sport, walking. Several companies offer to take your lump sum out when you don’t have the time. Outings only for your Precious, group walks with lots of friends, or with just a few of them, you can choose all kinds of formulas. One of its companies (Swifto) even offers to monitor your protégé’s walk with a GPS system that tracks the start, course and finish of the walk. Didn’t anyone ever tell you you were invasive?

And taking care of his looks

Hotel and Spa

Scalp massage, nail trimming and aerial brushing, Perle and Bichon also have the right to take care of their looks. Longer than your own styling session at Giuseppe’s, be aware that a shampoo-dry-cut can last up to 4 hours.